Independence Day Quiz

Graphic image of American independence day.

As you may know, we like to challenge our readers with fun quizzes. Our quizzes cover various topics including “guess the flag”, flag facts and flag etiquette. With Independence Day only a few days away, it’s time to see how much you know about American Independence Day. Test your knowledge by answering the questions below. The answers to the quiz are listed below the questions.

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1. When is American Independence Day?

  • July 4, 1770
  • July 4, 1772
  • July 4, 1774
  • July 4, 1776

2. Which country did the United States declare independence from?

3. How many people signed the Declaration of Independence?

  • 56
  • 45
  • 38
  • 64

4. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?

  • White House
  • Independence Hall
  • Capital Building
  • Pentagon

5. Who was the President of the United States when the Declaration of Independence was signed?

  • George Washington
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • John Hancock
  • No President at the time

6. How many colonies were there when America declared its independence?

  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13

7. Where is the Declaration of Independence currently being preserved?

  • National Archives Building
  • Smithsonian Museum
  • Library of Congress
  • Museum of Natural History

8. The Statue of Liberty was erected immediately following the signing of the declaration of independence:

  • True
  • False

9. The first flag of the United States was:

10. What was the capital city of the United States upon declaring independence?

Independence Day Quiz Answers

1. D

2. A

3. A

4. B

5. D

6. D

7. A

8. B

9. C

10. C

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