Indiana Holds American Flag-Etiquette Competition for Students

Indiana holds American flag-etiquette competition for fourth-grade students throughout the state

Fourth grade students from all over Indiana were invited to join a statewide program designed to teach proper American flag etiquette skills. The flag competition drew in about 2,000 participants from 11 school districts but only one student took home the grand prize of $1,000. And that winner was Alaina Linnemeier.

The flag-etiquette competition was sponsored by the American Legion, who also graciously donated the first prize money. Alaina represented the local Post 82.

Students from Flag Etiquette Competition

Larry Thiele, who is both the post’s commander and flag etiquette chairman, has worked with the program for 18 years, which began in 1996. He said, “For young people, it’s the first time they achieve something. They look at the flag differently after they complete the program.”

Thiele works very closely with the program and even helps explain several important etiquette skills to the students. One of the more important things he shows them is how to properly fold a US flag, explaining the significance of each individual fold.

Along with folding the flag, participants must also read a comic book, “Our Country’s Flag,” which is a brief history of the American flag designed to hold a student’s interest. After they are finished reading, they take a 20 question true/false test on the book and must get 100% to pass. Each student must also write an essay about the flag.

According to Thiele, students participate not only to win, but also learn about our country and this symbol of freedom.

Credit: Sentinel News

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