Indy 500’s 100th Running – Memorial Day Weekend

While the Indy 500 and Memorial Day have shared the same weekend for some time now, this year is extra special for Indianapolis.

As the weekend approaches, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway prepares for its 100th running.  This year the event is completely sold out and the local blackout lifted for the first time since 1950! After months of construction and additions, the IMS has sold over 350,000 tickets to the event. However, what really makes this race day special to Memorial Day is the things that happen beforehand.


The IMS has always found ways to incorporate the military and Memorial Day into Race Day. This year there are several events during the pre-race catered to our armed forces. Below is a list of some of those things.

11:07am – Military Silverado Laps

11:43am – Pearl Harbor Veteran Salute

11:47am – “American the Beautiful” performed by Military Trio with Purdue Marching Band

11:49am – Military Speech – General Anderson

11:55am – Presentation of Colors

11:57am – “Taps”

12:00pm – “God Bless America” – Indianapolis Children’s Choir

12:02pm – Military Flyover

12:19pm – Race Starts

Where will you be this Memorial Day weekend? Surrounded by race flags and speeding cars? A memorial parade? Remembering your beloved veterans at a National Cemetery? Let us know what your plans are in the comments below!

To learn more about how to fly your flag on Memorial Day and more check out this link.

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