Inspiring story of a Paralyzed American Flag Artist

Bunk Wurth creates beautiful flag art despite his disability.

Despite his almost full-body paralysis, 42-year-old Bunk Wurth continues to make unforgettable American flag art by holding a specially designed paintbrush in his mouth.

Prior to his life changing rugby accident six years ago, Wurth was an inspirational, outgoing athlete who surfed and went deep-sea diving, along with teaching special needs children. On top of all those hobbies, he had a passion for art,; something nobody, or injury, could take from him. Bunk loved expressing his pride through art with woodcarvings, photography, etching, and painting the American flag.

The American flag was his thing to paint. Bunk has relatives in the military, but mostly just loved the flag of his country.

Bunk has a motto: “no bad days.” From day one, he lived with one theory, “I’m still alive.” It’s that unexpected philosophy that has his friends in shock and wanting to be around this inspiring man. These enduring friendships came running to his side to help Bunk in anyway possible. Some helped build him a whole new home, while others aided in decoration and coordinating an annual golf tournament in his name.

Those that witness his flag creations say they will never forget Bunk Wurth, appreciate life a little more, and never look at the American flag the same. Life is what you make it and in Bunk’s words, “just ‘cause you’re in a chair doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.”

Source: My Fox LA

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