International Firefighters’ Day

May 3rd was International Firefighters’ Day. In honor of this international holiday, we at wanted to thank firefighters worldwide by sharing a few amazing stories from the States. Stories that will make you laugh while others will bring you a sense of honor and courage.

The Brave


In the Phoenix-area, a photo of a firefighter carrying an American flag out of a recycling plant fire went viral last month.

Tempe Fire Department Capt. Nick Ells noticed the American flag near the fire and set out to save it from flames.

“I have a great respect for our country’s flag,” said Ells to The Arizona Republic. “When I saw that it could be damaged from smoke, I took the flag down from its pole to get it out of harm’s way.”

Source: KTAR News

The Honorable


In Jacksonville, Florida, St. Johns County Firefighter Brian Bausch spends his free time cleaning up and restoring the grave sites of local veterans.

Bausch noticed the graves in early March when looking for homeless people to help. Covered in dirt and flagless, Bausch decided to get his hands dirty. He has restored over 70 graves sites adding an American flag as the finishing touch, even doing research and posting their draft cards in home-made plaques.

Source: News 4 Jax

The Fun


Last week, the St. Louis Fire Department had a little fun with the Kansas City Police Department as the department’s elevator malfunctioned, leaving officers stuck between floors.

Gregg Farve of the St. Louis Fire Department tweeted this photo during the rescue, which later went viral!

None of the officers were hurt. “Everyone was physically safe, but egos were severely injured,” the department said.


With that, we again thank all our amazing firefighters worldwide for all the dedication, hard work, and little laughs you provide us with everyday.

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