Iron Workers Fight for Right to Fly Flags From Their Trucks

Towards the end of last week, a rift began between iron workers/riggers and CF Industries, as they were told to remove their American flags from their trucks or be terminated.

On Friday in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, six CF Industries subcontractors came into work ready to lose their jobs, as taking their flags down was not an option. The men stated they had been on the job for months with flags mounted to their vehicles and never had an issue until Thursday.

Local residents began getting involved by planting American Flags in front of CF Industries offices.


On Saturday, the subcontractors of CF Industries received good news.


Upon a release from Chris Close, director of corporate communications at CF Industries:

CF Industries has not fired anyone for flying an American flag. For safety and other considerations, we recently asked our contractors to remind their employees that if they want to fly a flag or banner of any kind on our property, they must ask for permission so that we can be sure that it is mounted safely and does not include, for example, advertising. Reasonable requests to fly the American flag have never been denied by CF Industries. Workers do not need to ask permission to display the American flag on shirts, helmets, or in car windows.

““They have to ask for permission per our site policy so that we can ensure the safety of the thousands of workers on site. But as we said, we have never turned down reasonable requests to fly the American flag,” Mr. Close stated.

Later, a member of the crew was reached and stated they are now allowed back on the property as long as flags are properly fastened and the speed limit is obeyed.

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Source: bizpareview

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