Kalamazoo U.S. Flag Retirement Ceremony

Rotary Club shows how to properly retire an American flag.

The Rotary Club of Kalamazoo, Michigan is sponsoring its annual U.S. flag retirement ceremony at a local Veterans Memorial. The group has already started to collect flags from around the county to honor in their hour-long ceremony.

Kalamazoo Flag Retirement

With the help of Boy Scout Troops and area veterans’ groups, the flags will be burned according to the U.S. Flag Code, which sets strict guidelines for both the proper use and disposal of American flags. According to Kay Maxson, coordinator of the special affair, the flags will arrive at the park via the VFW Red Arrow Post. The VFW itself has already collected hundreds of flags that need to be properly retired and their drop box is inviting anymore previously-loved flags.

The ceremony will let these U.S. flags be retired in a dignified manner and also show the community the necessarily steps. In addition, the Rotary Club will give a brief history of the U.S. flag along with a showing of samples of past flags.

As soon as the fire and flags are ready, the Boy Scouts will hold a vigil over the fire until all flags have withered away. After that, the fire is put out and the ashes buried. The community ceremony is open to everyone.

Still have questions on how to properly retire an old American flag? Here is more information on following flag etiquette when a flag must be retired.

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