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Today is Wednesday, today is also the 20th of June, but did you know that it was American Eagle Day?

American Bald Eagle

If not, don’t beat yourself up about it. ‘American Eagle Day’ is a special day to commemorate the anniversary of the Bald Eagle’s selection as our National Symbol on this day in 1782.

The Bald Eagle was selected as the U.S.A.’s National Emblem by our country’s Founding Fathers on June 20, 1782 by the Second Continental Congress. For over 200 years now, it has served as the pride of America’s skies and the living symbol of all that we Americans stand for: Freedom, Courage, Strength, Spirit, and Excellence.

The first American Eagle Day was proclaimed by President Bill Clinton in 1995. Since then 41 American states have made the day an official observance. From 2007 onwards, the US Senate has also passed resolutions to mark June 20 of the year as American Eagle Day. The American Eagle Foundation is at the forefront of organizing and sponsoring events on this holiday.

American Eagle Day is an observance holiday, which means that businesses, stores, and government offices are open. Other observed holidays would include, but not limited to: (Groundhogs Day, Valentines’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day). The American Eagle Foundation is a non-profit whose mission is to care for and protect the USA’s living symbol of freedom. If you want to help make ‘American Eagle Day’ an official national day (Click Here). American Eagle Day may never be a federal holiday, but there is no reason it shouldn’t be a household holiday and gain more attention than it receives.




American Eagle Day


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