Latvia Independence Day – Republic of Latvia

Latvia’s National Day is also known as Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia and celebrated on November 18th. Latvia’s Independence Day commemorates the day the Republic of Latvia declared independence from German and Russian occupation on November 1918 at the end of the First World War.

Sadly in the wake of World War II, the Soviet Union occupied the country. From June 17, 1940 to August 21, 1991 Latvia stayed under the Soviet Union’s power. Independence Day was restored in May of 1990 and known as the Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Independence of the Republic of Latvia.

The Flag

Republic of Latvia-latvia-flag

The Latvia flag wasn’t officially adopted until 1922. The flag is red with a stripe of white running horizontally. The red color symbolizes the readiness of the Latvians to give their lives for freedom and willingness to defend liberty.

Latvia National Day Events

Republic of Latvia-riga

In the countries capital, Riga, the day begins with a parade and the laying of flowers at the Freedom Monument. In attendance are the President of Latvia and other government officials. Following the parade is a nationally televised address to the people by the President of the Republic of Latvia.



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