Local Boy Scout retires 3,000 Flags with the Police Department

Hoping to earn his Eagle Scout ranking, a local Boy Scout retires 3,000+ old American flags in a ceremony spanning several days, with the help of the police department.

In Boynton Beach, Florida, one very patriotic Boy Scout set a goal to retire 500 unserviceable American flags. When the local police department caught wind of the 14-year-old boy’s goal, they decided to lend a hand. Well, everyone can rest easy because that Boy Scout, Brian Blickle, collected an amazing 3,165 American flags unfit to fly. And, already had a trip planned with his mom to pick up another 3,000 flags from Miami-Dade County.

Brian took on this project with the hopes of earning his Eagle Scout ranking – the highest Scout honor. Originally, the flag project was inspired by a Veteran’s Day flag ceremony he witnessed and his passion of building campfires. “I saw a veteran’s ceremony at school, and it made me want to learn more about flags and how to retire them the right way,” Brian said. “A lot of people have them stacked up in piles or just throw them away, and I wanted to learn how to do it properly.”

Local Boy Scout retires American flags

This patriotic project was not something this 8th grader took lightly. He did his research and came up with an airtight plan for the actually night of the retirement ceremony. A bonfire is set to light the night sky at the park while each flag is retired individually. Smaller flags will be folded into squares and larger flags into triangles.

U.S. military veterans will even attend the ceremony and were asked to help by placing the possible 6,000+ flags in the fire. Brian also plans to retire many flags himself, along with his veteran Grandfather and Scoutmaster. With the incredible amount of flags to honor, Blickle is expecting the ceremony to span several days, but it’s a burden he’s happy to bear! Brian commented, “I want to do this because so many people just throw them away and that’s not very respectful.”

Credit: Palm Beach Post

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