Local Businesses Honored for Flying American Flags Properly

East Valley local businesses are honored for flying American flags properly by the patriotic Masonic High Twelve Club #765.

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The members of the East Valley Masonic High Twelve Club #765 have always loved seeing businesses that fly an American flag and do it properly. Around Flag Day back in June, the group decided to present special certificates to those businesses that correctly flew Old Glory. The effort was a great success!

One month after their initial flag project, the Masonic High Twelve Club has decided to expand their reach and honor even more businesses. They recently chose three more local businesses to honor, all of which are located in Mesa, Arizona.

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The three new businesses honored are Boeing, Kiva Chiropractic, and Oriental Lodge. Club President Frank Alger and Vice President George Rusk presented to flag etiquette certificates to various employees of their respective business. The certificates come framed and bared the words, “Certificate of Appreciation.”

Previously on Flag Day, the club honored six local businesses for properly flying their American Flag. Those business included Berge Ford of Mesa, American Savings Life Insurance, The Car Washer, Mesa Fire Department, McDonalds, and Fry’s Marketplace. The group was not specific on the criteria they use to pick their honorees. However, following proper flag etiquette is always important, even when flying a US flag at your home.

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If you are a business looking to fly your own flag, check out our wide variety of US flags specially made for commercial and outdoor use. Or, if you already have a flag but wonder if you’re following proper etiquette, we have plenty of free American Flag Etiquette resources for you and your business.

Credit: East Valley Tribune

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