Lone Star Texas State Flag Turns 175 Years Old

The Lone Star Texas state flag turns 175 years old and is honored with a giant statue and celebration

In Montgomery, Texas, residents are gathering to celebrate their state flag’s 175th birthday and honor one of its creators – Dr. Charles Bellinger Stewart. A gathering will be held in a local park called Cedar Brake Park.

Statue of Dr. Charles Bellinger Stewart

These Texans are celebrating the 175th Lone Star flag birthday in a unique way. To honor the legacy of Dr. Charles Bellinger Stewart, they are making a life-size statue of him. Stewart is credited with inspiring the design of the Lone Star Flag, one of the state’s most revered symbols.

The flag was created in 1839 and is red, white, and blue. It is split into 3 rectangular sections; the left section is blue and contains one large white star. The remaining area is divided in half horizontally. The upper portion is white and the lower section is red. The entire flag design is very simple, yet one of the oldest and most recognizable around the US.

Texas Flag Flying CVS Flags

The rendering of Dr. Stewart is the first of five statues representing early pioneer Texas that will call the park home. However, Dr. Stewart is the only real-life person that will be represented. The other four will include a pioneer woman, farmer, logger, and rancher.

In his prime, Dr. Stewart was a pharmacist, doctor, and political leader in Texas. He was not only the first to represent Mongomery County in the Texas House of Representatives but also served as the state’s first secretary of state. Add Lone Star Flag creator to that list and you have a full resume!

The unveiling of the statue was timed to coincide with the 175th anniversary of the flag. A special ceremony including a jazz choir and retired military personnel will also take place in the park. The local Eagle Scout troop even helped secure the base of the Dr. Stewart statue.

Credit: Your Houston News

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