Lost Burial Flag is Back with Rightful Owner

Found in a thrift store, a lost flag makes it back home.

In a Riga, New York thrift store Todd Rapp discovered a veteran’s burial flag and vowed to find the owner or honor the flag in proper way. Rapp was very upset upon finding such a sacred artifact just given away like so and was determined to find the rightful home.

Lost burial flag

The local news caught wind of the story and broadcasted it to nearby communities. Many calls came in regarding the treasure; one from Doug Samis.

As a child, Samis had a very similar wooden case that he received when his father, an army veteran, died on his birthday. The flag went missing when he was 19, but Samis said he never stopped searching for it. When he watched the news story about the thrift store find, he realized that could be it!

The two men met for what ended up as a memorable reunion. Samis described the flag and wooden box perfectly, leaving no question in Rapp’s mind he found the rightful owner.

With the flag back in its proper home, Samis believes his father was watching over him and helped bring the flag back to him. He told Rapp, “I thank God you found it. To me, it’s a miracle.”

Source: 13 WHAM

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