Lost U.S. Flag & WWII Medal Returned to Rightful Owner

Priceless U.S. Flag and World War II Medal returned after being lost in 2011 Tornado.

lost flag found

After a tornado passed through Holt on April 27th, 2011, Margaret Krallman prayed for a miracle to help find her mother-in-laws lost possessions.  Her mother-in-law, Thelma Bennett Krallman, died in the storm at the age of 89 when her house was blown off its foundation and scattered across a block-wide area.  The only remains from where the house once stood are the front steps.  Two items that were lost during the storm were a Purple Heart medal awarded to Staff Sgt. George H. Krallman for his service in World War II and the folded American flag awarded to his family after his death.  These items meant more than anything else to the family and the sifted through the debris for weeks after the storm in search of these items.  They even used a metal detector to try and find the military medal.  After a few weeks pasted without any luck they began to lose hope.  “Everyone had given up, but I said as long as there was dirt, I wouldn’t stop,” Margaret said.

“My husband said he couldn’t dig anymore, but I felt like I was supposed to go,” she said.  “I reached for what I thought was one of her jackets, and the flag just fell into my hand. It was wet and came unrolled, and it was the prettiest red and white you’ve ever seen. The plaster and dirt was pounded into it on the outside, but we brought it home and just started scrubbing it.” However, the medal was still missing. Some time passed, but in February while walking the lost, still in search of the lost medal, a man who was driving by waved at her, then stopped to ask what she was looking for.  Margaret explained the story and that the Purple Heart was still missing.  The man, whom Krallman knows only as “Mr. Washington,” said he had found a Purple Heart in the dirt a few miles away.  He brought it to the Krallman’s the next day and the rightful inheritance was finally in possession of the lost items.  What was once thought to be lost forever, was found.

purple heart

Credit: Lydia Seabold Avant | Associated Press

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