Louisiana Man Receives Flag Violation for Displaying his American Flag

Resident says the flag violation is punishment for being patriotic.

Patrick Hogan, Covington, Louisiana resident follows the same tradition every national holiday: he proudly flies his American flag. This is a routine he has conducted ever since he left the Navy over four decades ago.

However, this past Pearl Harbor Day he did not receive his usual warm sentiments for his patriotism. A few days after the holiday, he found a formal flag violation letter in the mail. The letter states that the American flag was not approved by the CAA and must be removed. Specifically, hanging the flag over the garage was against the associations rules. The Tallow Creek Neighborhood Association’s new management company sent the flag violation notice to Hogan with a warning that he must stop the action, or else.

Flag Violation

Hogan believes such a forceful request is un-American. “They can show all their Christmas decorations and leave their basketball goals at the curb, but I can’t fly my flag,” Hogan asked in disgust. The Louisiana man moved to this neighborhood after 2005 Hurricane Katrina forced him to move. This is the first incident between Hogan and the neighborhood association.

No other fellow patriots in Hogan’s neighborhood have received a flag violation letter but do think it is quite unfair to ask the man to remove his stars and stripes. The new management company commented that they only pursue violations that the homeowner’s association approves. But, the homeowner’s association says they were never even informed about the violation in the first place. Partly due to the confusion of the situation and from neighborhood backlash, the board president announced that the Hogan’s flag violation will be thrown out.

Credit: WWL TV

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