Man Waves the U.S. flag on Corner for Decade

One man waves the U.S. flag for 10 years, spreading his thoughts on patriotism.

Showing their support, cars honk as they drive past a small group of flag wavers on the corner of Colby and Hewitt avenues in Everett, Washington. Rain or shine, Kevin Moeller, 59, has hoisted up and waved Old Glory every Friday for the past 10 years. Moeller and his group first showed up when our nation headed to war with Iraq.

Waves the U.S. flag on street

Since 2003, Moeller has shown up on the same downtown corner at noon and proudly waves the U.S. flag for an hour. People like to share their opinion with him, but Moeller just keeps on waving Old Glory and says he has no plans to stop.

waves the U.S. flag

One of Moeller’s goals is to make sure that no troops overseas or at home are ever forgotten. He comes from a military family and had a brother who served in Vietnam. Moeller said, “Whether we know it or not they are trying to protect our freedom.”


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