March 1st Brings Year 151 for the Cornhusker State

Stuck in the Middle with You

Storms a coming

This post has nothing to do with Stealers Wheel and their hit back in ’73, but that line is quite fitting for the 37th State. Nebraska is the only triply landlocked state. Triply landlocked? To reach an ocean, gulf or bay from Nebraska, one must travel through 3 states in all directions. That’s right! North, South, East, and West. 3 states, well…. technically going North you have to go through South then North Dakota and lastly the Province of Manitoba to reach the Hudson Bay.

Equality Before the Law

The Great Seal of Nebraska

The Great Seal of the State of Nebraska was adopted in 1867. The foreground shows a blacksmith working away on his anvil. The setting that surrounds him is rather simple and representative of the landscape and agriculture of the time and even today. You have a cabin, sheaves of harvested wheat, a train and steamboat in the background going over and on the waters of the Missouri River. The text that surrounds the seal reads “Great Seal of The State of Nebraska, March 1st 1867”. The seal’s motto is “Equality Before the Law”. The flag of the state of Nebraska is a blue rectangle with the state seal in the middle. There was survey by the North American Vexillological Association were they rated 72 U.S. and Canadian Flags, well they rated Nebraska as the second-worst. I think this flag gets a bad rap. It’s everything that Nebraska represents… simple. Nothing wrong with that. All business.


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