U.S. Marine Corps Flag History | Marine Corps Emblem

The Marine emblem consists of an eagle, anchor, and globe and is a powerful part of the Marine Corps flag history.

The United States Marine Corps flag represents the historic legacy of the military branch. Adopted on January 18th, 1939, the official Marine flag boasts a deep scarlet red background. The Marine Corps Order 4 established scarlet and gold to be the official corps colors in 1925.

Marine Corps Flag

For indoor and parade purposes, the Marine flag is bordered with gold fringe, while the outdoor version is not. In the middle of the flag is the corps emblem, which is gray and gold. The emblem consists of an eagle, anchor, and globe. The eagle represents the nation that the Marines protect and is situated on top of the globe, wings open wide. In its mouth is a scroll with the words, “Semper Fidelis.” The anchor points to both the naval heritage of the Marines and their access to any coastline in the world. Finally, the globe stands for their worldwide presence.

The Marine emblem is a very powerful symbol. Together the three elements – eagle, anchor, and globe – represent the Marine’s diehard commitment to defend the United States, on air, land, and sea. In fact, this emblem has been a part of the Marine uniform since 1868 and became the official emblem in 1955.

Marine Corps emblem

The Marine flag has one final component: below the emblem is a ribbon that reads, “United States Marine Corps.” The Marine flag flies on many occasions such as ceremonies, parades, installations, and more. In addition, the flag is also displayed in the offices of the United States President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Navy, and the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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  1. I am looking for an early flag or emblem that might have been carried by the Marine battalions from their establishment in 1775 through the War of 1812. Thanks in advance for any guidance.

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