Marine Corps Veteran Carpenter to Receive the Medal of Honor

24-year-old Marine Corps veteran William Kyle Carpenter will become the Marine’s third Medal of Honor recipient since the start of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars

Medically retired Marine Corps veteran William Kyle Carpenter has been praised publicly since reports emerged that he risked his own life to save his friend, Nick Eufrazio.  According to the Marine Corps Times, Carpenter is said to become the Marine’s third Medal of Honor recipient since the start of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Marine Corps Veteran William Kyle Carpenter
Medically retired corporal, William Kyle Carpenter, has been praised publically for saving his friend from an explosion in Afghanistan. He will reportedly receive the Medal of Honor for his bravery.

On a November 21, 2010 assignment in a particularly dangerous part of southern Afghanistan, the two Marine’s came under fire and an insurgent grenade fell onto the shelter where they fought.  Although nobody knows for sure what happened, by all accounts foretold Carpenter threw himself into the blast to protect Eufrazio.

Carpenter, whose Medal of Honor has not been officially announced, suffered serious injuries, including the loss of his right eye, the blowing out of his right ear drum, a fractured nose, and destruction of his lower jaw and cheek bones.

Since 2010, Carpenter has made amazing progress in recovery as he is now able to participate in many of the activities he could prior to the explosion.  Lance Corpal Eufrazio was rendered unable to speak until late 2012 due to his own injuries.

Singer-Songwriter, Mike Corrado, wrote a tribute to their friendship called Still In The Fight.  What can you do to support such a worthy hero?

  1. You can download Still In The Fight on iTunes.  Proceeds benefit organizations who support wounded warriors, their families, and the families of fallen service members.
  2. Show your patriotism and support with the purchase of a Marine Corps flag to show honor to Carpenter and other active Marines and Marine Corps veterans who defend our country’s freedom so boldly.

Source: Business Insider, Photo Source

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