Marine Surprises Son with Homecoming

Marine Surprises Son with Visit to Classroom During Flag Celebration

On Monday June 11th in a Santa Cruz classroom, a group of kindergartens sang and danced about the American flag in anticipation of upcoming Flag Day. Among those students was five-year-old Michael Estrada, whose father Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Juan Estrada had been stationed overseas in Afghanistan for several months. As the class honored the flag, Estrada made a surprise entrance that stunned the little boy to the point he could not move until his father pulled him up into a tight embrace.

Estrada had not seen his son since his deployment in mid-December, but said this was a moment he had thought about every day. Also waiting for him at home was his wife Elise and two younger daughters.Marine & Son

As the surprise homecoming continued, the teacher Ms. Smith read the class a book titled, “My Dad is a Hero,” which equates American service men to super heroes. The students were also treated with pieces of red, white, and blue cake adorned with the word “God Bless America.” While Michael’s beaming face characterized the mood of the day, another student classified Monday as “the best day ever” not due to the cake but simply because Michael was so happy.

This was not the only marine homecoming that inspired such joyous sentiments. On February 3rd at Attica Middle School in New York, another marine father surprised his son while a volunteer videotaped with magical moment and then posted the video to YouTube – which had views that spanned over 152 different countries.

While there are several holidays throughout the year, holidays like Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Patriot Day, Labor Day, and Flag Day are a special reminder to remember those who make the sacrifice to fight for what the American Flag represents.

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