Marine Veteran Ordered to Take Down his American Flag

A US Marine veteran was recently told to remove an American flag and pole he set up outside his home after returning from Iraq.

U.S. Marine Gregory Schaffer recently returned home to Florida after a grueling tour in Iraq. Upon his return, he set up a brand new American flag and pole outside his home to show off his patriotism. However, soon after he received a citation from the city of Hypoluxo, Florida that said the flagpole was in direct violation of a permitting code and that he must take it down right away.

marine veteran flag violation

The 24-year old Marine veteran said it’s sad he can’t simply fly his own flag in his own yard. He also told the local news that it was his neighbor that filed the official complaint just days after the flagpole went up. A town official told reporters that the flagpole is considered a structure, which requires a permit. So if the Marine veteran would like to keep the flag and pole, he must get his own special permit.

Schaffer would apply for a permit but that could cost him upwards of $1,000. However, city building officials are now saying they want to work with the marine veteran and find a way to let him keep flying his American flag.

Credits: Fox News | WPTV

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One Reply to “Marine Veteran Ordered to Take Down his American Flag”

  1. Gregory, I’m going through the same thing in Vero beach, FL.
    I retired from the US ARMY after servicing 28 yrs and 2 combat tours in Afghanistan.

    I moved to Florida to start a new life with my wife. I bought a new house in Vero beach. I wanted to
    install a US flag pole with a US ARMY flag. The HOA gave me a hard time at first. Then later on it was
    approved by the HOA. My neighbors complaint to the Indian River County main office . Someone came to my house and informed me that I need a permit for the flag pole. I’m going to apply for the permit and pay it. My neighbors are bias and inconsiderate to the USA flag, that I fought for 28 years.
    This is unreasonable and inessential to pay for a permit for a flag pole. All Veterans should be exempt from paying this fee. “God Bless America”

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