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At we carry over 75 national flags ranging from the popular to lesser known. One flag/nation many might not recognize is the flag of Mauritius. The Republic of Mauritius is a volcanic island located in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar.



Uninhibited until 1638, the Dutch named the island after Prince Maurice van Nassau. After the Dutch abandon the island in 1710, the French came across the island, using it as a trading port between Europe and the East. From the 1810-1968, the British took power over the island until they relinquished control of the colony to the people of the island.

Mauritius Flag


The flag of Mauritius is known as Les Quatre Bandes or the Four Bands. Adopted upon independence on March 12th, 1968, the flag consists of four horizontal bands of equal width, coloured red, blue, yellow and green. The red stands for the bloodshed at the time of slavery and colonization and the struggle for independence and freedom. The blue symbolizes the Indian Ocean and green for the lush vegetation on the Island. The Yellow represents the golden sunshine and bright future for the nation.

Fun Facts


The Dodo is the national bird but is an extinct species as they were only found on this island.

Sugar cane is the major cash crop grown on the island and take up over 80% of the islands land.

The official languages of this country are French, Bhojpuri, Creole and English. Several different races inhibit the island like Hindus, Muslims and Creoles with the primary religion being Catholics.

Mauritius doesn’t maintain a standing army.

Mauritius is the richest and most densely populated among other nations of Africa.

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