Who are you flying a flag for this Memorial Day?

Who are you flying a flag for this Memorial Day?

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Memorial Day is a holiday dedicated to remembering all US military members and honoring those who sacrificed their life to protect this country. In honor of every US soldier, we want to know who you’ll be remembering this Memorial Day.

Whether you’re remembering your father, mother, sibling, great uncle, best friend, or a whole branch of the military, tell us who you’re flying a flag for this Memorial Day. Leave a comment in the form below.

Memorial day flag

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Have a fun and safe Memorial Day!


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7 Replies to “Who are you flying a flag for this Memorial Day?

  1. I will be honoring my husband, Air Force Veteran, my Father , a Marine & both my grandmother & Grandfather they were Career Army Veterans

  2. I am paying my respects to all the men and women who have come before us for us to be here today. I will Fly a Flag in remembrance of my Grandpa who gave the ultimate sacrifice…His Life..He lives on in me Today…How I miss him So…

    1. Terri, thanks for sharing. We, as Americans, are grateful for patriots like your Uncle Fred’s service and sacrifice. Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day in honor of him!

  3. I am honoring my brother Delbert Bias who was a marine veteran and served in the United States Marine Corp. He proudly served in Vietnam and came home as my hero with a purple heart. He participated in all possible events locally as a color guard participant and was a very dedicated professional soldier. He passed away in 2009 and he will always be remembered. My flag flies every day in remembrance of my brother and all who have served to allow me to live in peace.

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