Minnesota State Flag History: A Look at the State of 10,000 Lakes’ Flag

Minnesota state flag history and beyond – Deeper look into the North Star State Flag

Minnesota State Flag CVS Flags

Today we feature the Minnesota state flag and take a closer look at the history behind this flag. Who designed it? When did it become the official state flag? What does the seal mean?

This state flag is royal blue and in the center is the very detailed state seal. The French quote, “L’ETOILE DU NORD” is displayed on the top of the seal, meaning the star of the North. This motto is the basis for Minnesota’s nickname, the North Star State.

Each part of the seal has it’s owe special meaning. The sun rising in the background signifies the flat plains landscape that covers much of the state. The Native American heritage of the state is represented by the Indian on horseback.

Minnesota State Seal

The water featured is a nod to the importance of the Mississippi River and St. Anthony Falls as resources around transportation and other industries such as lumber which is represented by the tree stump. Beyond the water, three small pine trees stand tall and proud. These represent the three great pine regions in Minnesota – St. Croix, Mississippi, and Lake Superior. Pine is the state tree.

Around the state seal is a wreath of pink lady slipper flowers, the official state flower. Additionally, 19 stars circle the seal, since Minnesota was the 19th state to join the Union, after the original 13 colonies.  One star is slightly bigger than the others – this is the North Star.

Minnesota Flag CVS Flags

Finally, outside the seal ‘Minnesota’ is written with three other prominent dates. The first is 1858, which was the year Minnesota joined the Union. The next date is 1819 which the year of the state’s first settlement and 1893 was the year the flag was officially adopted. However, this state flag was slightly modified in 1957 when pink was added to the lady slippers.

For More Information: State Symbols USA | MN.gov

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