Minnesota Student Fights Suspension for US Flag and Patriotic Decorations

After placing mini American flags and other patriotic decorations around his high school, a Minnesota student fights suspension terms that could hinder his chances of an Air Force scholarship.

A Minnesota high school student is fighting a five-day suspension for displaying his patriotism around the school with erasable chalk and small American flags. Bryce Reps and almost a dozen other students are being punished for painting patriotic slogans on school windows and doors, including “USA,” “God Bless America,” and “Never Forget 9/11.”

Patriotic Decorations

Along with the slogan, the students also drew red, white, and blue banners and stuck almost 150 mini stick American flags all around the school. Reps is being called the ringleader of the group and is the only one to face a full five-day suspension. The rest of his comrades only face two days.

Reps said, “My suspension is more severe that for someone who shows up to school drunk or has drugs on them.” This could also greatly affect his chances of receiving a $15,000 Air Force scholarship to study at the University of Minnesota.

As part of the Red Wing homecoming week activities, seniors at the school wanted to celebrate “Merica Monday,” but the school administration would not allow that. Instead they allowed National Pride Day. However, this did not satisfy some students who then broke into the school to add their own USA-inspired flair.

When asked if the school would reduce Reps’ sentence, Schools District Superintendent Karsten Anderson said a further assessment would need to take place.

Credit: ABC News

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