Mount Vernon Man Graciously Donates POW-MIA Flags to City

POW-MIA flags will now fly under every American flag in the city of Mount Vernon, New York thanks to one man.

The city of Mount Vernon, New York received a great gift a several POW-MIA flags from one of their residents Salvatore Monastra, a Vietnam veteran. The new flags are set to fly beneath every American flag in the city. Monastra said the flag reminds him of all the sacrifices military men and women made to protect this country. He also believes those who were captured or went missing are all too often forgotten. But by flying the POW-MIA flags, those long lost soldiers will be recognized and appreciated.

POW-MIA Flags Mount Vernon

“To me, it’s a brother that we could never find, who can’t come home,” Salvatore said. “His family is constantly grieving. These people should never be forgotten. And this should help a lot of kids be informed as to what the flag means – which a lot don’t know about.”

Former State Assemblyman Ron Tocci, a Vietnam veteran as well along with a former New York Veterans Affairs commissioner, feels the same way. He thanked the Mount Vernon City Council for accepting the donation and allowing the flags to fly. Tocci commented, “Every time a youngster sees a flag like this, they are learning about the ultimate sacrifice people made for the country.”

One City Councilman J. Yuhanna Edwards called the decision an easy one. Also a Vietnam vet, Edwards said he would also like to see a blue flag representing disabled veterans flown alongside the American flag as well. All these flags stand for important symbols, especially for the people coming home from war now.

Credit: Mount Vernon Daily Voice

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