Move to Require USA-made American flags on Military Veterans’ Graves

Michigan Senate moves to require USA-made American flags on all graves of United States military veterans buried in Michigan.

In Lansing, Michigan, the state Senate recently met to discuss a bill that would require that all the US flags on graves of military veterans be made in the USA. On Wednesday October 2nd, the bill was unanimously approved.

The current law states that upon petition of a veteran organization or at least five citizens, that municipalities must provide a flag and flag holder for any veteran buried in a private or public cemetery. The recently passed bill, called Senate Bill 428, was sponsored by Sen. Roger Kahn of Saginaw Township. This bill now prohibits the purchase of any foreign-made US flags, if there is a competitively priced product in the United States.

American flags on veteran's graves

Kahn said, “These men and women are patriots, true American heroes, and they deserve to have their graves marked by flags made in this country. Some of these men and women gave their lives to protect our freedoms and all of them made sacrifices to protect the country they loved.”

This new bill now heads to the House for consideration and would have no effect on local government budgets. There is also no word on how many cities currently use American flags not made in the USA.

This is not the only flag-related proposal from Sen. Kahn this year. He also has a bill in the works that would require all municipalities in Michigan to buy American when purchasing any state of US flag for display. A third proposed bill would require cities to post online from what country they purchased the flag. However, these two bills still remain with the committee.

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