Mystery Solved Around Civil War Graves Missing US Flags

Police Fault Woodchucks for Around 75 Missing US Flags

Missing flags Woodchuck

Hudson, NY – The mystery of the missing US flags from the Grand Army of the Republic section of Cedar Park Cemetery has been solved. The culprits behind the thefts of roughly 75 US Flags have been discovered.  Hudson Police have identified the vandalists as none other than the resident Woodchucks.  The local Woodchucks, a.k.a. Groundhogs, were caught red handed by Hudson Police when they used a pole camera to photograph the cemetery’s underground resident’s habitat.  Even in black-and-white the images were good enough to identify the missing flags stashed in the Woodchucks home.

“I think for the most part we’ve confirmed that’s the case,” Mayor Bill Hallenbeck said Saturday. “They (Hudson Police) confirmed there are flags down there.” The Hudson Police also have photographs from a motion-activated camera that shows a Woodchuck ‘sniffing’ around one of the US flag and shortly after the flag is gone.

“I’m glad we don’t have someone who has taken it upon themselves to desecrate the stones and the flags in front of them,” said Mayor Bill Hallenbeck.



Source: John Mason | Register-Star


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