National Flags that are Red, White and Blue

Image of the American Flag.

If you live in America, you are familiar with Old Glory and all her mystique. The American Flag is arguably the most famous flag in the world. This is partly because of America’s political and social status, but also because of the flag’s beauty and symbolism. Old Glory is a red, white and blue masterpiece. But what other national flags are red, white and blue? Let’s take a look (flags listed below are in alphabetical order).


Image of the flag of Australia.

The flag of Australia is one of the busiest flag designs among all national flags. The flag features the Union Jack in the top left quadrant, with five 7 point stars and one 5 pointed star. The stars are aligned to represent the Southern Cross Constellation. With all of these symbols and fixtures on the flag design, it manages to only use the colors red, white and blue.


Image of the Cuban flag.

The flag of Cuba features alternating stripes of blue and white with a red triangle along the hoist side of the flag. Inside the red triangle is a single five pointed star. The flag does a great job of mixing numerous shapes, colors and styles into a free flowing flag design.


Image of the French flag.

The flag of France is a standard tricolor flag design, something that is common among European flags. Red and blue are associated with its capital city of Paris, and white is used to symbolize the French Revolution. Alternative meanings include both religious and revolutionary symbolism. Some say that the blue stands for freedom, white for equality and red for brotherhood.


Image of the Russian flag.

Similar to the French flag, the Russian Flag uses a very straightforward tricolor stripe approach to its flag design. But unlike the French flag, the Russian Flag uses three horizontal stripes of red, white and blue – the French flag uses vertical stripes. The flag was adopted as early as 1696, but was discontinued with the establishment of the Soviet Union in 1917, only to be readopted after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

United Kingdom

Image of the UK Union Jack flag.

The Union Jack Flag is one of the world’s most famous flags. The flag perfectly blends symbols from England, Ireland and Scotland – three of the four countries in the United Kingdom.

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