National Flags with Animals

Countries use various flag design principles when designing their national flag. Many countries look to create unique flag designs, while some flags look similar to other national flags. The American Kennel Club recently posted pictures of dogs wearing American flag clothing which made us wonder – which flags feature animals and why do they do it? Are the animals used as a design concept or is there a greater idea behind the use of an animal on a national flag? Let’s take a look at a few national flags with animals. Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list of all national flags with animals; these are the most famous national flags that feature animals.


Image of the Mexican flag.

The Mexican flag is a national flag that features two animals, a snake and an eagle. The Mexican flag is a standard tricolor flag that features a seal at the center. Within that seal we find an eagle perched on a cactus eating a snake. Ancient Aztec legend says that this symbol was something that their God told them to look for. Their God told them that if they found an eagle eating a snake while perched on a cactus that they had found the Promised Land. The Aztec people found this place after searching for hundreds of years – this place is now Mexico City.


Image of the Egyptian flag.

The Egypt flag is another tricolor flag design with a seal at the center. Similar to the Mexican flag, the Egypt flag features an eagle at the center of the flag. However, this is not an eagle eating a snake; this is a yellow Eagle of Saladin. The Eagle of Saladin is the Egyptian national emblem that has since been adopted as an Arabian nationalist symbol used by various Arab countries.


Image of the Spanish flag.

The origin of the Spanish flag comes from the ancient Spanish Naval Jack. This naval jack was a square flag that was divided into four quarters, each with its own individual meaning and image. The second quarter of the Spanish Naval jack includes a crowned or armed lion. This lion symbolizes Leon, an ancient kingdom in Northwestern Spain.

Source: Enchanted Learning

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