National Flags with the Olive Branch

We’ve done National Flags with vertical stripes, National Flags with one circle, and so many more. Today we wanted to do something a little more unique. Have you ever wondered how many national flags have olive branches?

There are three national flags that have a representation of the olive branch. The olive branch is a symbol of peace or victory. Historically, olive branches were worn by brides and virgins in as a custom of Ancient Greece.  Does it represent peace here?



The Cyprus Flag features a map of the entire island with two olive branches below on a white flag. The olive branches stand for peace here as does the white flag. The cooper-orange color of the island represents the large deposits of copper ore in the territory.

United Nations


The United Nations flag is blue with white design. Featured on the flag is a map of the world in white, surrounded in a wreath of crossed olive branches. The olive branch symbolizes peace here as well and the world map represents all the people and countries of the world. Blue and white are the official colors of the UN.


Eritrea olive branch flag

The flag of Eritrea is dominated by a red isosceles triangle which starts at the hoist and ends at the fly. The red triangle is flanked by a green triangle above it and a blue below it. Inside the isosceles triangle is a golden wreath encircling a golden olive branch. Green stands for the livestock and agriculture in the country, blue for the sea, and red for the blood lost in their fight for freedom.

Source: Wikipedia

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