National Flags with Triangles

National flags with triangles – what does this mean? Well, recently we have been covering flag design concepts like national flags with stars, national flags with horizontal stripes and national flags with vertical stripes. Therefore, this post will focus on the national flags that feature a triangle in their flag design. Take a look.

Czech Republic

Image of the Czech Republic flag.

The Czech Republic flag is a red, white and blue national flag that features two equal horizontal bands of red and white that split apart at the center of the flag. The intersection of these two bands creates a blue isosceles triangle along the hoist side of the flag. There is not an official meaning for this triangle, however, there is a psychological interpretation. The interpretation says that the triangle divides the two horizontal bands to form a joint meaning of vigilance, loyalty, truthfulness, and fairness among the Czech people.


Image of the Jamaica flag.

The flag of Jamaica has a total of four triangles (2 black, 2 green), all of which are divided by a gold saltire. While the triangles themselves don’t have any particular symbolism, their colors do. Green symbolizes Jamaica’s environment and national resources, gold represents the sun and black pays tribute to the hardships of the nation’s past.


Image of the Philippines flag.

Similar to the Czech Republic flag, the flag of the Philippines features a hoist side triangle that bisects two equal bands at the center of the flag. The triangle itself stands for fraternity and equality among the Philippine’s people. Inside the triangle you will find a large sun with 8 rays and 3 stars that represent the three island groups of the nation.

South Africa

Image of the flag of South Africa.

The South African flag is one of the most colorful national flags in the world. In fact, the flag itself features 6 different colors in this elaborate design. Like most national flags with triangles, the triangle on the South African flag is displayed on the hoist side. While the triangle does not have a specific meaning, its black color stands for the native people of South Africa.


Image of the flag of Bahamas.

The flag of the Bahamas features three vertical bands that are intersected by a black equilateral triangle on the hoist side of the flag. The triangle’s black color represents a nation of united people while the triangle itself stands for the determination and enterprise of the Bahamian people.

Other National Flags with Triangles

We have covered these flags at length in various other posts.


Image of the flag of Cuba.

Puerto Rico

Image of the Puerto Rican flag.

United Kingdom

Image of the UK flag.

Credit: Wikipedia

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