National Flags with Two Colors

By now you understand our passion for flag, materials, designs and concepts. We have covered everything from the most colorful flags to national flags that no longer exist. But what about looking at flag designs by the number of colors on the flag? Take a look at our list below of national flags with two colors.

Keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list of all national flags with two colors; it is simply a list of the most recognizable national flags with two colors.


Image of the Canadian Flag.

The Canadian Flag is one of the world’s most famous flags, and that is partially because the simplicity and uniqueness of the flag’s design. The Canadian Flag is a perfect blend of Roman Mars’ flag design principles, which touches on simplicity and meaningful symbolism with no lettering or seals.


Image of the Chinese Flag.

The Chinese flag is growing in terms of being recognizable to people living outside of China. This is to be expected as one of the world’s superpower nations. However, their flag is still not as recognizable as the United States Flag.


Image of the Greek Flag.

The Greek Flag has the most complex design among all national flags with two colors. The Greek Flag features horizontal stripes of blue and white as well as a white cross on a blue background.


Image of the Sweden Flag.

We could have also listed Finland or Denmark here, since all three of these flags are among the most similar looking national flags. However, we chose Sweden’s Flag because it is more recognizable on a global level. This is partially because of Sweden’s historical success in the Olympic Games.


Image of the Japanese Flag.

The Japanese flag is easily the simplest two colored flag design. The flag features a large red circle on a white background. However, similar to the Canadian flag, this simple design has given Japan a distinct and original national symbol.

Credit: Wikipedia

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