Naval Officer Brings Home American Flag from Overseas

A flown American flag from overseas is dedicated to friends and family and given a permanent home at the postal office

The Ridgewood Post Office (located in New Jersey) now houses a new symbol of pride and patriotism. That new fixture happens to be an American flag that flew over a Naval unit in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Naval officer and postal worker Ian May brought home the American flag after securing it on May 31st following an important mission. The flag is encased in a shadowbox and stands on display in the main lobby.

Officer with American flag from overseas
Officer May stands with his American flag at the post office

Prior to the unveiling of the artifact, May said, “The whole time, I thought about the people here at the post office, my coworkers. I figured, let me fly the flag and honor them because they’ve been holding down the fort and taking care of business in Ridgewood while I was gone. That was my dedication to them.” Several post office employees also served time in the military. Dozens gathered for an early morning ceremony, including the Postmaster Gus Passaro.

Over 12 years in the Navy, May served three tours in various places overseas. However, this most recent time abroad proved especially difficult for him. When his squadron was called to duty in August 2011 he left behind his wife who was due to have the couple’s second child. The new addition to the family was born while May was protecting the country overseas. The family was all reunited this past fall when he returned to New Jersey.

Originally, the flag presentation ceremony was scheduled for October; however Hurricane Sandy forced the postponement of the presentation. Now the folded American flag resides next to a commemorative certificate, which is also next to two plaques recognizing a series of employees who were killed while on duty.

Credit: North Jersey News

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