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Image of the University of Florida Seal.

The University of Florida is a public university that is located in Gainesville, Florida. As of the fall 2013 semester, the school had approximately 49,000 students enrolled. Their school motto is “The welfare of the state depends upon the morals of its citizens.” UF’s official school colors are orange and blue.


The University of Florida is consistently rated as a top 50 school in the United States and a top 200 school in the entire world. Some of their most revered degree programs include audiology, analytical chemistry, occupational therapy and biological engineering. The success of these individual majors helps to elevate the pedigree of the school. Speaking of schools, UF’s very first schools were established in 1906 (agriculture, construction, education) – their newest school is the Graham Center for Public Service.


Image of the Florida Gators logo.

The Florida Gators are one of the top athletic colleges in the NCAA, which is impressive considering much of their athletic successes have come in the past 20 years. In 2006, they became the only school to win the national championship in both football and men’s basketball in the same year. They are also one of only two schools to win multiple championships in both sports. Those two sports also happen to be the two most popular sports in America. This high level success in two high profile sporting events is what propels the Florida Gators to the elite level of college athletics. The Gators also compete in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) with rivals like the Georgia Bulldogs and Tennessee Volunteers.

Famous Alumni

  • Erin Andrews – television personality and sports reporter
  • Tim Tebow – former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback
  • Marco Rubio – United States Senator from the state of Florida
  • Emmitt Smith – Hall of Fame Running Back with the Dallas Cowboys
  • Cris Collinsworth – former NFL football player and current sports broadcaster

Florida Gators Merchandise

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