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Image of the University of Michigan seal.

The University of Michigan is a public university that was established in 1817 and is located in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan. As of 2014 the school had 43,000 students, 28,000 of which were undergraduates. Their school motto is “Arts, Knowledge, Truth” and the school colors are maize and blue. Overall, the University of Michigan is one of the most revered universities in the United States for a number of reasons.


The University of Michigan is known for its quality of education and comprehensive degrees of study. The school is consistently rated as one of the top 50 universities in the nation as well as the entire world. Michigan has over 200 undergrad degree programs and 100 graduate programs. Among those degree programs, Michigan is best known for its degrees in humanities, STEM fields, social sciences, law, medicine and dentistry.


Image of the Michigan Wolverines logo.

The University of Michigan is also one of the top athletic colleges in the NCAA. The sports teams are known as the Wolverines, and they currently play in the Big 10 (B1G) conference. Their biggest sports rival is with the Ohio State Buckeyes, and is among the top rivalries in all sports. The Michigan Wolverines currently field 27 athletic teams (13 men’s, 14 women’s). Of those athletic teams, the Michigan Wolverines are most known for their football program. The football team has won 11 national championships and has the most wins among all schools in the NCAA going into the 2015 season. The Michigan Wolverines play in Michigan Stadium which has the largest seating capacity for a stadium in the United States (109,000 maximum seating capacity). In 2015 they hired Michigan alum and famous San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, who looks to revive this historic athletic program after a string of losing seasons.

Image of Michigan Stadium.

Famous Michigan Wolverines Alumni

  • Tom Brady – NFL quarterback with the New England Patriots
  • Madonna – singer/entertainer
  • Larry Page – Co-Founder of the Google search engine
  • Mike Wallace – Journalist
  • Gerald Ford – former United States Vice President

Michigan Wolverines Merchandise

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