Nebraska Student Gets Flags Ready for Pledge of Allegiance in Schools

A sophomore at Chadron High School makes sure no classroom is left without a flag.

With a pending bill requiring Nebraska classrooms to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in schools daily, each room will now have its very own American flag thanks to one patriotic student. Once sophomore Tanner Kickland learned the Board of Education approved a rule stating K-12 students must recite the Pledge of Allegiance in the presence of a flag, he realized not all classrooms at Chadron High School had flags of their own.

Kickland was on a mission to ensure no room was left without a flag. After discussing the idea with the Principal Jerry Mack, who was very enthusiastic, the two set out to count just how many additional flags the school needed. From there, Tanner contacted the Dawes County Honor Guard, a local veteran group that carries flags in parades as well as providing military honors at funerals, in order to see if they might have the resources he sought.

Tanner Kickland, Nebraska student
Chadron High School Principal Jerry Mack, Tanner Kickland, and American Legion Auxiliary member Lou Marshall proudly show off the flags the Auxiliary donated to the school.

Unable to directly provide all the necessary flags, the Honor Guard referred Kickland to the American Legion Auxiliary who immediately fulfilled his request. Legion Auxiliary representative, Lou Marshall, formally presented Kickland and Mack with 15 American flags for the school.

Just one week earlier, Auxiliary members heard of the new Pledge of Allegiance reciting rule and supplied 10 flags to the community middle school. Kickland says he is excited for the new rule, since it’s something he does not remember doing since first grade.

The American flag is something Kickland holds especially true to this heart with his father, Loren, serving 22 years with the National Guard, including 18 months in Iraq. Not satisfied with just collecting the flags, Kickland says he also wants to discuss proper display regulations with the teachers as well as getting an even larger flag for the common area in the high school.

The rule requiring Pledge of Allegiance recitation in all classrooms, which includes exemption to any student that wishes, has not gone into effect just yet, but when it does all classrooms at Chadron High will be ready thanks to one determined boy.

Credit: Rapid City Journal

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