The Nevada State Flag 4.0 – Evolution of a Flag

The Nevada State Flag 4.0 – See the evolution of the Nevada flag overtime

Nevada Flag and American Flag

The Nevada state flag is one of the more simple state flag designs but it has not always been that way. The entire flag is a darker, cobalt blue with two sagebrush branches in the upper left hand corner. A yellow ribbon connects the two branches and reads, “Battle Born.” Beneath the ribbon is one large white star with the state name below it in yellow.

However, Nevada has not always had this state flag. In fact, Nevada has flown four different state flags.

The first state flag soared in 1905 and paid tribute to Nevada’s most famous minerals, silver and gold. Blue was the prominent background color and 36 stars were displayed to signify Nevada’s position as the 36th state accepted into the Union.

Nevada Flag First Design

Then in 1915 the flag changed again. This time the Nevada Coat of Arms was added. The 36 stars remained, but were rearranged and resized to fit better around the Arms. The motto, “All for our country,” was added below.

In 1926, the Nevada Lieutenant Governor Maurice Sullivan pointed out the extremely high cost of producing the state flag. The intricate design with varies colors made the flag expensive to make and thus limited it’s spread around the state. So, the Governor held a contest to redesign the flag. A winning design was chosen, but never approved.

Nevada Flag Second Design

In 1929, the flag design issue was again brought back up in the state legislature. Debates went back and forth before Governor Balzar signed the bill adopting the new, simpler design very similar to what flies today. However, the bill was missing a crucial amendment that added ‘Nevada’ to the flag design.

This error was not discovered until 60 years later by a legislative researcher. Then in 1991 the flag would make its final change to the Nevada State Flag 4.0. This time ‘Nevada’ was added to the flag to make it the state flag design that flies today.

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