Nevada VA Clinic Honors Veterans and the Flag

Veterans Administration Health Clinic holds third annual flag-raising ceremony

The Veteran’s Administration Health Clinic honored the stars and stripes by holding their third annual flag-raising and wreath-laying ceremony. They also gave a special thank you to all veterans, both past, present and future, who vowed to honor and protect the United States’ most visible and enduring symbol, Old Glory.

VA Flag Raising

Prior to any speeches, Spc. Tim Hall raised both the U.S. and POW-MIA flags high in the air for all to see. Hall grew up in Hawthorne, Nevada and was assigned to the 173rd Brigade Support Battalion of Bamber, Germany. Hall experienced a life-altering injury when his brigade was attacked, eventually leading to the amputation of both his legs. Hall spoke at the event saying, “You carried it, you saluted it, you guarded it, bled for it and wept under it. The American flag is special because it indicates the United States will come to the aid of people or countries and that those wearing the uniform will risk their lives.”

Mayor Ken Tedford Jr. also expressed his sentiments and called the flag a special symbol to the whole nation. He also encouraged everyone to “thank a vet who has served and then those who are serving.” The wreaths represented all those currently in harm’s way supporting the country that cannot be with their families this holiday season. This is just one way the VA clinic honors veterans and Old Glory.

Credit: Lahontan Valley News

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