New Civil War Flags to be Preserved and Displayed

150 years after their usage, two historic flags during the American Civil War are being prepared for public exhibition. Before they are ready for display, conservationists will be brought in to properly handle and preserve these delicate pieces of material. This $30,000 conservation project will be starting in March and should last about two months. Conservation of these delicate flags includes; humidification, stabilization and the installation of pressure mounts.

Both flags carry a significant amount of historical meaning to those associated with the Civil War. These flags were flown on the battlefields of some of the most famous battles in the Civil War – including Gettysburg and Antietam. Both flags are also battered, torn, faded and fragile – which is to be expected of flags that survived multiple battles. Constance Cooper, one of the key members of this preservation project says, “The tatters and wounds are part of the story.”

The first flag to be preserved is the regimental flag, which is the very first edition of the Delaware state flag. This flag measures 59 by 68 inches with a dark blue background, a white seal at the center, white tassels and a golden fringe. The seal at the center displays the phrase “Liberty and Independence”. Of the two flags, the regimental flag is in worse condition.

Image of an old Delaware state flag that was used during the Civil War.

The other flag is the United States flag with 31 stars. The flag measures 50 by 80 inches and displays both faded colors and torn materials.

Image of an old American flag that was used during the Civil War.

The Delaware History Museum in Wilmington Delaware will display the Civil War flags and other related documents this coming fall.

Source: Delaware Online

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