New Jersey Congressman Replaces A Veteran’s Burned American Flag

A New Jersey Congressman replaces a veteran’s burned American Flag after vandals desecrated it in their front lawn.

In North Plainfield, New Jersey a United States Congressman said he was appalled when he found out someone burned an American flag in the front yard of a Navy veteran’s home. The vandals took down the flag from their front porch and desecrated it while the couple was on vacation.

When Joseph R. Horling and his while Ginger returned home from their vacation, they immediately knew something was not right. They soon saw that the US flag, which they fly outside their home almost every single day, was burned to ashes in their front lawn.

New Jersey Congressman with US flag

Joseph called the local police who responded almost instantly. Upon further examination, the small fire also caused damage to the couple’s driveway and car tire. They also found out from the police that a number of overnight burnings had been reported along nearby streets.

While the event happened back in September, the Horlings replaced their flag, repaired their car, and didn’t think much of the incident again, until a few weeks ago. Horling said, “A few weeks ago we got a call from the Rep. Lance’s office. And he told us the congressman wanted to visit.”

And he did. US Congressman Leonard Lance visited the Horlings in their home and presented them with a very special gift: he gave the couple a brand new replacement American flag. And this wasn’t just any flag.

Lance presented them with a fresh and crisply folded American flag in a presentation box. This flag also flew above the United States Capitol Building in Washington, DC on November 12, 2013.

Rep. Lance said he read about the couple’s situation that happened back in September and simply couldn’t sit by and do nothing. He admired the Horling’s patriotism and hoped this flag would give them some comfort.


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