New York Sanitation Worker Saves American Flags Found In Trash

Rockaway Park, NY sanitation worker has collected more than 700 U.S. flags from the trash in effort to dispose of them in a respectful manner.

Over a year ago, Rockaway Park, New York sanitation worker, Ed Shevlin, started rescuing American flags he found in the trash.  Many were found scrunched up in the back of his garbage truck, which led him to think, “The flag deserves more than a place in the hopper of the sanitation truck.”

Ed Shevlin
Rockaway Park, NY sanitation work, Ed Shevlin, rescues flags thrown in the trash in order to give them a proper retirement.

So he began collecting them one-by-one in order to give them the respectful disposal they deserve.  Shevlin currently has over 700 flags stored in the back of his car.

The reason he does it is rather simple.  “So many people have died for this flag.  So many people have been willing to give their lives for this flag,” he said.  “That stands for so much more than any other symbol we have in this country.”

Video Link:  CBS Local – New York

Now Shevlin says people come out of their homes to present him with worn out flags to be properly retired.  A responsibility he is proud to uphold.

Source:  CBS Local – New York, Photo Source:  Irish Central

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