New Zealand Polls Close and Final Flag Choice Stands

In an ongoing battle, New Zealand tries to decide on a new flag to rival the current flag. While many believe the current flag will trump all in the end voting continued until Tuesday and the black, silver and blue flag won the vote as mail-in voting came to an end.

It began with over 10,000 flag submissions, among them: the bizarre, the beautiful and the winners. You can follow along with the events of the last few months of flag discussion in our blogs hyperlinked below:

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Let’s take a moment to review each flag once more. You never know which will soon be flying nation wide!

Current New Zealand Flag


The current New Zealand flag is a blue field with the British Union in the top left corner. To the right of the Union is a St George’s Cross (Southern Cross) made up of four five-point stars. The recent debate centered around this flag is that it may resemble too closely to the United Kingdom’s flag. Though there was a push to get away from this design in the beginning, people have started to second guess this notion and consider keeping the current flag.

Possible Future New Zealand Flag

New zealand new

The silver fern has been an iconic symbol of New Zealand for the last 160 years. It represents the growth of their nation and was present in four of the five new flag designs. On this flag the fern separates a background of black and blue. The blue represents the clear atmosphere and Pacific Ocean surrounding the island. And same as the current flag, the St George’s Cross is present on  the right half of the flag.

So what will happen? Will the Kiwis keep their current flag and the history it has held for the last hundred years? Or will the leave behind their British influences and start fresh with the black, silver and blue fern flag? Stay tuned! We’ll have your answer as soon as the decision is made.

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