Should New Zealand Redesign Their Flag?

Debates are starting up again – Should New Zealand Redesign their Flag to make it more unique?

Tattoos of country flags have become a somewhat popular way to for people to show off their patriotism for a country. However, in New Zealand many people are opting out of the flag tattoo in favor of a stylized fern leaf.

All Black Fern Leaf Flag New Zealand

Why is this happening? According to one New Zealander, people possibly feel the fern leaf represents New Zealand better than their flag. So then that begs the question, should the country redesign their flag?

The flag redesign debate has once again resurfaced after Prime Minister John Key raised the possibility of holding a referendum on a new design. He also said he plans on discussing the issue with the senior ministers. The referendum would most likely take place later this year at the same as the general elections.

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New Zealand Flag

Their current flag is blue with four red stars on the right side arranged in a Southern Cross formation with Great Britain’s Union Jack in the upper left hand corner. For over a century now, New Zealanders have won Olympic medals and fought wars under this flag, making the redesign issue a very emotional one.

Right now the 4.5 million people living in New Zealand are almost equally split on the issue. Conservatives are against the issue because of the tradition behind the flag. Proponents of the redesign say the current flag lacks recognition of the Maori people and doesn’t have the simplicity and brand power like the American Flag has.

But there is one thing both sides agree on – New Zealand’s flag looks too similar to Australia’s national flag. Both countries have very similar elements, including the British Union Jack in the upper left hand corner.  Not only do the two countries compete fiercely in sports, but also in economies. Often times, the country flags have been mixed up and paired with the wrong country.

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Australian Flag

However, changing a national flag is no easy task. Just ask Canada. The country agonized over a new design, hunting through thousands of public submissions before they finally landed on the red and white maple leaf flag design.

Should New Zealand Redesign their flag?

Credit: WSJ Online

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