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Image of the Arizona Cardinals logo.

The Arizona Cardinals are an NFL football team located in Phoenix, Arizona. The team currently plays in the NFC West Division with the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and St. Louis Rams. Their official team colors are cardinal red, white, black and yellow. In 2015, the team is owned by Bill Bidwill and coached by Bruce Arians.

Team History

The Arizona Cardinals were first established in 1898, but they did not officially join the NFL until 1920. Since 1920, the team moved from Chicago to St. Louis before planting roots in Phoenix in 1994. Their team history has been filled with change off the field and mediocrity on the field. The Cardinals have only won their division 6 times and have made the playoffs only 9 times in their 95 year history. However, the Cardinals did win two championships in the pre-NFL era (1925 & 1947).


Image of the University of Phoenix Stadium.

The Arizona Cardinals have called numerous stadiums their “home field” during their 95 year history. Since 1920, they have played home games in 9 different stadiums. Of those 9 stadiums, 4 were located in Chicago, 1 in Minnesota, 1 in St. Louis and 2 in Phoenix. Despite the constant movement of home stadiums, the Cardinals officially settled into a brand new stadium in 2006. The University of Phoenix Stadium is considered to be one of the nicer stadiums in the NFL. The stadium has already hosted an NCAA football national championship, a Super Bowl, numerous Pro Bowls and it will host the Final Four in 2017.

Famous Members of the Cardinals

  • Larry Fitzgerald – current Wide Receiver
  • Kurt Warner – former Quarterback
  • Patrick Peterson – current Cornerback
  • Pat Tillman – Famously left the team to serve in the United States Army
  • Dan Dierdorf – Hall of Fame Offensive Lineman and former sports broadcaster

Arizona Cardinals Merchandise

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