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The New York Giants are an NFL football team that is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey. While not actually located in New York City, the team found a home in nearby East Rutherford due to the lack of land area to build a home stadium. The Giants were established in 1925 and currently play in the NFC East Division with the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins. Their official team colors are dark blue, red, white and grey.

Team History

The New York Giants have been one of the most successful NFL franchises both pre and post merger (1970). The Giants won 4 NFL Championships before 1970 and won 4 Super Bowl’s after – their most recent being in 2011. The Giants are most famous for ending the New England Patriots bid for a perfect season in the 2007/2008 Super Bowl. Outside of their big game successes, the Giants have also won their division 16 times and made 31 playoff appearances. It seems like whenever the “G-Men” have a winning team, they are a threat to go all the way.


Throughout their 90 year history (as of 2015), the New York Giants have called 6 stadiums their home field. Their longest tenured venue was known as Giants Stadium. Giants Stadium was located in East Rutherford, New Jersey and was a shared stadium with the New York Jets. However, in 2009 the team moved next door to the brand new MetLife Stadium. While the Giants still share MetLife Stadium with the New York Jets, it is a much better facility for both teams. The 82,000 seat stadium is a state of the art sports venue – and it should be for $1.6 billion.

Image of MetLife Stadium.

Famous Members of the New York Giants

  • Lawrence Taylor – Hall of Fame Linebacker
  • Michael Strahan – Hall of Fame Defensive Lineman and current sports broadcaster/entertainer
  • Frank Gifford – Hall of Fame Running Back and former sports broadcaster
  • Harry Carson – Hall of Fame Linebacker
  • Phil Sims – former Quarterback and current sports broadcaster
  • Eli Manning – current Quarterback

New York Giants Merchandise

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