NFL Teams – New York Jets

NFL Teams – New York Jets


The New York Jets are an NFL football team that is located in New York City. The Jets were established in 1959 and currently play in the AFC East division with the New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins. Their official team colors are green and white. The team is often called “Gang Green” because of their jersey’s and team colors.

Team History

The New York Jets Have been a below average team throughout their 56+ year history. In that time frame, the Jets have only won their division 4 times and made 14 playoff appearances. Their crowning achievement as an NFL franchise came when they won the Super Bowl in 1968. That was actually the last time that the Jets have appeared in a Super Bowl. While the 2000’s have been better for the Jets, they have yet to become a contender on a consistent basis.


The Jets and the New York Giants have shared a stadium for much of their history. Like the Giants, the Jets played in Giants Stadium for nearly 30 years before moving into a brand new stadium in 2010. The Jets currently play in Metlife Stadium, which is located in East Rutherford, New Jersey. We wrote about Metlife Stadium at length in our New York Giants blog post.

This is interesting: Watch the stadium transition from Giants to Jets.

Famous Members of the New York Jets

  • Joe Namath – Hall of Fame Quarterback
  • Curtis Martin – Former Running Back
  • Darrelle Revis – Current Cornerback
  • Joe Klecko – Former Defensive Lineman
  • Wayne Chrebet – Former Wide Receiver

New York Jets Merchandise

Credit: Wikipedia

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