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Image of the San Diego Chargers logo.

The San Diego Chargers are an NFL football team located in the city of San Diego, California. The team entered the league in 1970 and have been a member of the AFC West division ever since. They compete in the AFC West with the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, and Kansas City Chiefs. They are owned by Alex Spanos and his family. The Chargers team colors are navy blue, powder blue, gold and white.

Team History

The San Diego Chargers have been an average team in terms of on field success throughout history. They have won their division 15 times and have made 18 playoff appearances. However, their only Super Bowl appearance came in 1994 where they eventually lost the San Francisco 49ers.

Along with the Oakland Raiders and St. Louis Rams, the San Diego Chargers have been in the news lately as a potential team that could relocate to Los Angeles. Fans of the Chargers have been against the move, but the city of Los Angeles is the largest city in the United States without an NFL team – it is bound to get a team at some point. Could this be the Chargers last season in San Diego?


Image of Qualcomm Stadium.

One of the major reasons a move has been discussed is because the San Diego Chargers stadium is outdated. They have played at Qualcomm Stadium since 1967, which makes it one of the older stadiums in the league. If the Chargers want to stay in San Diego, they will need to upgrade one of the most outdated stadiums in all of sports. Despite the outdated features, Qualcomm Stadium has a rich history. In fact, it is one of only three stadiums to host the Super Bowl, MLB All Star Game and World Series.

Famous Members of the Chargers

  • LaDainian Tomlinson – Hall of Fame running back
  • Phillip Rivers – Current quarterback of the team
  • Antonio Gates – Current tight end and future Hall of Famer
  • Junior Seau – NFL Hall of Fame linebacker
  • Rodney Harrison – Former defensive back. Also famous for his time spent playing for the New England Patriots
  • Dan Fouts – NFL Hall of Fame quarterback

San Diego Chargers Merchandise

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