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Image of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are an NFL football team that has played in the league since 1976. The team is located in Tampa Bay, Florida – which is the third largest city in the state of Florida. They currently compete in the NFC South division along with the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints.  They have a plethora of team colors including; red, black, silver, white, and orange.

Team History

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise history can be described as a bit of a mixed bag. For the most part, the team has been unsuccessful with only 10 playoff appearances in nearly 40 years of history. Before 1997, the Buccaneers had only been to the playoffs 3 times. However, a logo/color change, a new stadium and a new head coach led to the glory years of the late 1990s/early 2000s. The Buccaneers ended up winning the Super Bowl in 2002 and collected a number of players who became household names.

Old Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo (1976-1996)

Image of the old Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have played their home games at Raymond James Stadium since the stadium opened in 1998. The stadium is below average in comparison to the rest of the league with a max seating capacity of about 65,000. However, the capacity can expand to 75,000 with the addition of standing room tickets. Raymond James Stadium is most famous for a giant pirate ship that occupies one of the end zone areas of the stadium (image below). This pirate ship fires cannons for each point scored by the Buccaneers and it is one of the most unique parts of any sports venue.

Image of the pirate ship at Raymond James Stadium.

Famous Members of the Buccaneers

  • Derrick Brooks – Future Hall of Fame linebacker.
  • Warren Sapp – Hall of Fame defensive lineman.
  • Ronde Barber – Former Pro Bowl defensive back.
  • John Lynch – Former Pro Bowl defensive back who is currently a sports
  • Mike Alstott – Former Pro Bowl fullback.
  • Keyshawn Johnson – Former Pro Bowl wide receiver who is also famous for playing with the New York Jets.
  • John Gruden – Super Bowl winning coach and current sports broadcaster. He is also famous for coaching the Oakland Raiders.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Merchandise

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