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Image of the Tennessee Titans logo.

The Tennessee Titans are an NFL football team that has been in the league since 1970. They currently play in the AFC South conference along with the Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars. The team currently plays in Nashville, Tennessee – which is the largest city in the state of Tennessee. Their official team colors are Navy, light/baby blue, red, silver and white.

Team History

The Tennessee Titans are a team that has undergone a great amount of change throughout its history. The team started out in the league as the Houston Oilers, playing in the city of Houston, Texas (logo shown below). The Oilers relocated to Nashville, Tennessee in 1997 and were renamed the Tennessee Oilers. Finally, in 1999 the franchise revealed its new logo and identity by officially renaming their franchise the Tennessee Titans.

Image of the Houston Oilers logo.

The Titans/Oilers have been a lower level NFL team for the majority of its existence. They have won their division 8 times and made the playoffs 21 times – the most recent being in 2008. They have played in one Super Bowl but lost their only appearance to the St. Louis Rams. The Titans have had a decent collection of household name players throughout team history but for the most part they have been a team lost in the shuffle. Their shining moment came in a playoff game vs. the Buffalo Bills which was famously nicknamed “The Music City Miracle” – it is known as one of the greatest finishes in an NFL game.


The 1999 season was a huge one of the Tennessee Titans. During that season they renamed to the Titans, unveiled a new logo and moved into their new stadium, LP Field. The team has played at LP Field every season since it opened in 1999. In terms of capacity, LP Field is average in comparison to the rest of the league with a max capacity of 69,000. Despite being located in the great city of Nashville, the game day experience at LP Field is average and is often overshadowed by other NFL stadiums.

Image of LP Field, home of the Tennessee Titans.

Famous Members of the Titans

  • Bruce Matthews – the only Titans Hall of Famer
  • Steve McNair – the best quarterback in team history who shared a regular season MVP award.
  • Chris Johnson – Former running back and former NFL rushing champion with over 2000 yards in one season.
  • Javon Kearse – Former Pro Bowl defensive lineman
  • Eddie George – Former Pro Bowl running back and NCAA Heisman Trophy winner at Ohio State University.
  • Keith Bullock – Former Pro Bowl linebacker

Tennessee Titans Merchandise

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